Marketing Research Internship in the UK

Praktikum in England

Social Media
We believe that the dominance eBay has enjoyed in recent years is giving way to web 2.0 specialist auction sites with strong community elements. Over the last three years its team has built category killer software to specifically target large communities of collectors allowing it to compete with eBay in a number of their markets. We
operate a number of communities with the following features:

  • Niche specific blogs, clubs, directories, competitions, events, forums, friendships, galleries, videos
  • A Catalogue of every toy ever produced
  • Context engine allowing all content to be personalised (a member only sees only Batman stuff, L.A.)
  • Lakers memorabilia, stamps from Indonesia or all of them - subject to what he likes or chooses)
  • A Google Finance style Collection Management capability that links press releases and buy/sell events to track the current value of individual collectables together with a collectors entire portfolio.


  • Sub-editing user-submitted spreadsheets for compliance with established conventions
  • Where very large amounts of data need to be categorised, defining and optimising data categorisations for ease of use and amending user-submitted spreadsheets accordingly
  • Creating category data spreadsheets from scratch
  • Explaining the formatting requirements to users and assisting them with any queries or problems they encounter
  • Assisting the marketing team with solicitation of volunteers from the collecting community for the provision of information
  • Other editorial tasks around the site as required
  • General office duties



  • You will be in direct contact to users and an integrated member of the marketing team right from the start
minimum 5 months.
ongoing - flexible.


We are looking for enthusiasm and the willingness to learn. You do not
need to be a toy or model expert, although an interest in the arena
would be a help, as would an editorial or sub-editing background.

Enthaltene Leistungen: 
  • Organisation des bezahlten Praktikums
  • Coaching & Supervision
  • Vergütung: GBP 500,- pro Monat
  • 1 freier Tag pro Monat
  • Teilnahme an Studentenaktivitäten möglich
Euro 1.250,- für die Stellenplatzierung