Sports Training Internship in USA

Sport-Praktikum in den USA
Different Sports Training Internships available

Locations: Gulf Breeze/Florida, Carson/California, Phoenix/Arizona
Hours: 40 hours/week
Duration: 4 - 12 months
Compensation: unpaid
Other Compensation: housing will be paid by the company
Company Description:
Company is a leader in integrated performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy for elite and professional athletes, offering
programs and services for professional, amateur, tactical, collegiate, high school and youth athletes, business executives, and industry
The company's approach combines different philosophies and ideas, focusing on the entire kinetic chain to help evaluate the
human body in a more dynamic format, in an effort to prescribe the best training and meet the specific needs of each individual athlete.

Internship Duties and Activities:
Assist specialists as needed with various aspects of training and testing and learn how to: increase core temperature, actively elongate
muscles, activate proprioceptive musculature, activate the nervous system, and refine motor skills and movement patterns/Increase athlete
focus and mental preparation.
Attend daily education and development sessions with the staff to learn about Movement Preparation, Strength/Movement, Skill and Energy
System Development programs, as well as how to develop strength and power in athletes; increase knowledge of limiting strength factors for an athlete's performance and more.
Gain an understanding of the regeneration process, as well as learn how to evaluate program designs and become familiar with the company's technology and equipment.
Gulf Breeze, Carson, Phoenix
Florida, California, Arizona
4 - 12 months.
will be paid or provided by the company.
  • Undergraduate Student or higher in the field of: Exercise Science or Related Field
  • Fulfilling a curriculum/graduation requirement in Exercise Science,
  • Exercise and Health, Sport and Performance or a related field
  • Must be certified in First Aid/CPR for the duration of the internship term
  • Proficient with Anatomy; Computer Literate (MS Word and Excel);
  • Excellent Communications Skills and Attention to Detail;
  • Must be proactive
Enthaltene Leistungen: 
  • Stellenplatzierung
  • Unterkunft wird durch Firma gestellt
  • Matching, coaching, supervision
  • Unterstützung bei der Visabeschaffung
Euro 1.950,- für die Stellenplatzierung