Web Development in Holland

Holländische Windmühle

Job Description:

  • Develop applications to be plugged in into internal framework
  • Work with the IT team as well as management team to build specific modules and integrate user feedback
  • Work on optimization & performance applications
  • Learn the Web 2.0 environment or improve your skills if you have previous experience
Amsterdam - Rotterdam
6 months.
ongoing. Flexible.
  • 2+ years IT study and experience
  • Database design, application design and coding of one ore more specific modules of the platform
  • Contributing to the development of the main framework
  • Brainstorming, discussing and submitting new ideas and innovations to the MT
  • Microsoft NET, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Ajax, MySQL
  • Open source stacks and web 2.0 idioms (mashups, external APIs, ..)
  • Good written and oral skills in English
  • Confidence to tackle tasks independently and with minimum supervision.
Enthaltene Leistungen: 
  • Organisation des bezahlten Praktikums
  • Coaching & Supervision
  • Praktikumsvergütung: Euro 500,- pro Monat + bonus



Euro 1.250,- für die Stellenplatzierung