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A typical labour day at the polo ranch

Farmstay auf Poloranch in Argentinien, Februar 2015

A working day at the polo farm starts at 8:30 in the moring. I usually got up one our earlier to have breakfast and make me ready for the day. You really need sunscream, if you don´t use it, you will get a sunburn within 5 minutes. At 8:30 you go to the container, from where nearly everything is managed. From the house to the container it´s not more than 7 minutes.


Brush the horses and clean the saddles

In the morning you bring the horses from the corrals on the campus to one corral that is near the container. Of course few of the peticeros are coming with you. Then you usually brush the horses and clean the saddles and horse tacks. At 12 o´clock you go to your house to have lunch. Free time until 14.30.

In the afternoon you get the horses ready for the Polo-players and provide them afterwards (feed them, give them a bath,…). There are no stables, all the horses stay at their corrals everytime, but it´s better like this, because if there were stables to clean for about 300 horses, you won´t have time for anything else.

More or less at 19:30 you bring all the horses back to their great corrals (they change each day) and clean the container and everything that has been used. At 20:00 o´clock a working day at the Polo ranch ends.


If you like to play Polo ask the peticeros if a horse is free to ride

If you like you can play Polo nearly every time on the day, you just have to ask the peticeros if a horse is free for you to ride. In the little house where i lived, there´s a kitchen, a bathroom and in the entrance area there is a couch and if you want a TV. Alltogether there are three bedrooms, one with one bed, one with a dobble bed and two single beds and the third one has three bunk beds.

Katharina H. (24) aus Taegerswilen, Schweiz
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