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Pflegepraktikum in Jaipur, Indien

Pflegepraktikum in Jaipur, Indien, 2022

Hi Emma, could you please introduce yourself?

Hi, I am Emma. I come from Italy, but I am studying medicine in Germany. And now I make here in Jaipur, India an internship in a hospital. My project is an internship that you usually do in Germany during the university in the first years. It´s called “Krankenpflegepraktikum” (pre-study nursing internship).  I decided to do the last part of this internship here in India.

I live in an accommodation which is a flat shared with other foreign students coming from other European countries, but not only.

Usually, I start my internship around 9 o´clock a.m. till 4 o´clock p.m. I help the nurses. I learned very much about how the hospital is working here in India. There are some differences but of course the treatment of the patients is mostly the same. There are a lot of things I learned here which I would not have learned staying in Germany.


Emma, as you came with Interswop during the pandemic time (COVID), how do you feel here (in India)?

Actually, I feel quite safe. Of course, we have to wear a mask at the project. But after 2 years you get used to it. And with Interswop who organized the internship they told me what to expect. Actually I have been here 2 years ago, so I knew how the life in Jaipur will be.


How would you describe India in several words?

I think it is very chaotic when you see the city and the traffic you will understand what I mean. Also, it is very colorful.


Emma, as a solo traveler, how do you feel about safety and security? And what challenges do you face?

Actually, about safety and security, the trip was organized by Interswop, I felt and I am still feeling very safe. And also Interswop supported us. Also, our accommodation is a quite calm part of Jaipur.

I am going to the project every day with a taxi, a mototaxi. Maybe it seems to be a little “dangerous” but they are actually very safe. I don´t face any kind of those problems like you have seen here in India.

About challenges, I would say that the language is more difficult that I expected. I thought that English would be much more spoken. Actually, here everybody is speaking Hindi. English is not always their mother tongue. Here, Hindi is much more spoken than English.

At work, my colleagues are speaking Hindi all the time but they are always trying to interact with me. There are some of them who speak English. That makes it easier to start a conversation with them. But there are many who are not speaking English at all. But it is still funny, because they are very friendly and they always try to interact with me.


Do your supervisors speak English?

Yes, of course. I have 2 supervisors and they speak English very well.


What tips would you give to our further participants coming to India?

I would say, first when you pack your bag, bring light clothes because it is very warm here.

Don’t be shy at your project and interact as you can. Try to use the chance to learn more about the culture. Make every question that comes up to your mind.


Video-Transkript, sinngemäß.

Emma L.. (21) aus Italien, in Deutschland Medizin studierend
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