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Terms and Conditions Ordering the DS-2019 Form

Terms & Conditions for ordering the DS-2019 form

The applicant who orders the DS-2019 form at Interswop agrees to the following conditions:

1. The processing fee of Euro 60,- added to the DS-2019 order form or Euro 60,- paid by PayPal, Western Union, cash, bank wire or other methods is not refundable.

2. After receipt of Euro 60,- and the signed DS-2019 order form or after completion of the PayPal payment or receipt of the Western Union payment your application will be forwarded to our partner organisation in the USA (visa sponsor). The sponsor will contact the applicant to proceed the next steps to issue the DS-2019 form. All further formalities will be arranged between the sponsor, the applicant and the host company directly. The visa sponsor´s DS-2019 fees have to be paid by the applicant directly to the sponsor. These fees could be refundable under specific circumstances corresponding the refund policies of the sponsor. The applicant has received in advance all information regarding the DS-2019 procedure and the fees. All information are without guarantee and subject to change.

3. The applicant has to provide all necessary information, data and documents to the sponsor as soon as possible. All indicated information stated by the applicant have to be truthful.

4. No damages of any kind could be claimed against InterSwop GmbH which could result from no issuing the DS-2019 form, a delayed issue of the DS-2019 form or no obtaining the J1 visa .

5. Inappropriate applications with forwarded processing fee payments: Inappropriate applications and payments cause of lot of work and costs. Please avoid inappropriate applications. If you have any doubts about your eligibility please contact us before making any payments. In case of unrequested processing fee payments (e.g. via PayPal) and inappropriate DS-2019 form applications  (e.g. DS-2019 form for high school, au-pair, camp councelor, summer camps, not eligible professional areas, non-fulfillment of basic requirements, notice that DS-2019 form cannot issued temporarily or applications cannot processed) we will refund only 50% of the processing fee.

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